a Glitch!


That about sums up my week...I think.

Work is still very busy. I slowed down during the weekend though to do some much needed chores which I've been ignoring for as long as I could. I was able to do some of it. I still have a bunch to do but I can only do so much, right?

That's the work part of my week. The glitch? It involves this blog...of course. I barely had the time to update it, then bam...something happened. I kept getting a white page when I try to open it. I'm using Navigator and all I could see at the bottom task bar when I get the white page is: Stopped...although the page keeps on loading. I tried to open it on my IE browser and I still get the white page but at least there's something in the task bar that shows what's loading continuously. I just didn't have any idea what it was.

I knew it has some script or HTML that's causing it so my first thought was to do the trial and error...deleting the widgets and other scripts one at a time and see which one may be causing the problem. I didn't get far with that because, yes, of work. I thought I'd wait until I'm not as busy. Also I wasn't even sure if it's just me or my computer.

But as luck would have it, Juliana..aka Tuks, told me that she's also having problems accessing my blog. That's not all...she also provided me WITH THE SOLUTION! It turns out, I wasn't the only one encountering this same glitch. The culprit....the tracking script that Paying Post provided us. Yep, that same Paying Post that 'allegedly' don't pay bloggers. Ha! I haven't even written anything for them in months and here it is causing havoc in my blog.

Anyway, thanks again TUKS for the info. I would still be in the dark if you didn't let me know about this script.

If any of you have been having problems similar to mine, you may want to check if you have this script in your blog. If so, get rid of it. It's not worth the aggravation.

Have a great week everyone!


J said…
haha at salamat sa link. I'm glad to be able to point the culprit.

I have deleted that same link on my blog eons ago at wala naman silbi talaga. I assume you must have forgotten about its existence on your blog.

our weekend is quiet. we had a long day yesterday, kahit si F is still battling a brutal cough.

have a great week ahead.
Ciela said…
Hi J! Naku, hindi lang ikaw ang nabasa ko na binigyan ng problema ng paying post na yan. At least, you have your saviour by the name of another J.

Buti na lang I wasn't aware of that "Paying Post". Pati nga sa Payperpost nawala na rin ako eh. I wasn't able to fix my registrstion for the new version. hu hu hu... wala na akong opps na nare-receive!
Sweetiepie said…
Wow! I`m glad I`ve visited your blog today. for some reason I just remember visiting your blog, and what a lucky day for me to find out that paying post code causes all the stress I have about my blogs. I thought my laptop catch a virus kasi laging naka download and white page lang eh, nako thanks talaga Mommy J kasi ngayon ma open kona ang blogs ko! hay anv culprit ang paying post code lang pala, nako never pa ako nabayaran nla kaloka. gi delete ko nga ang mga posting ko. Thanks again and have a great weekend! kumusta na?
Sweetiepie said…
Oo nga kakabwisit kasi about a week ata nd ko ma open blogs ko, pero nag try parin ako nag post kahit nd ko makita, kaloka! hay, busy ka talaga ano, ako rin minsan lang maka online kasi sobrang busy halos na wlang time mag laundry hehehe kaloka talaga! Happy Holiday to you and your family!
J said…
oo nga at ang aga mo. ako, ginabi na naman as usual. it's cleaning day for me, and was just done 30 minutes ago. alam mo na, late pa din gumising kaya late din natapos. I still have 40 minutes left sa self cleaning cycle ng oven at sobrang init sa kitchen ngayon. cooking will have to wait, anyway naman yong boss ko has not called me yet na pauwi na siya.

buti kayo warm dyan, pero I can't complain din dito as it's been in the 40's the past 2 days.
DebbieDana said…
Very same thing happened to our blog Mommy J! I was very worried until Dana took his time to check it out and he did some editing in the html, and it was fixed! Buti na lang...Hay, kaloka yang paying post na yan!!!
I have the same problem a few weeks back. Salamat na lang that I bumped on blog feed about what happened to her blog, so I took the codes out. Ang hirap talaga ng paying post.

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