Christmas Day Accident


One of the things we try NOT to do on Christmas day and the day after Christmas is to go out and head to the mall or anywhere else for that matter. Our reason is simple: It's crazy mad out there especially the day after the big day as everybody's going to be heading out either to go back home or go to the malls or stores to return merchandises and/or to use the gift cards they got on Christmas. Aside from that, it's a reality that a lot of those out on Christmas day or the day after are either nursing a hang-over or worse, drunk while driving.

That's just us, of course. Hubby went to work the day after the big day and was told about an accident that someone he knew had on Christmas day itself. He's fine but now looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer because he wants to know the legalities of the matter. It's not really clear whose fault it was but he wants to make sure he's not taking any chances right now. What a way to spend Christmas, eh?


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