Two MORE Weeks...


...and it's Christmas already? I just looked at my calendar and it's exactly 2 weeks from today. I am well aware of the date because somebody here in the house [clue: 4 ft+ tall, greeting us Merry Christmas daily] keeps reminding us that it's almost yes, Christmas. And as if she will forget how many days more before Christmas, the Daddy got her this:

Anyway, because of our really busy schedules, we've done most of the holiday shopping online. Well, I did. Since I am the one who's online 24/7, anything that can be done online like looking for water filters for our fridge, has to be done by moi! I guess it's only fair because up until now, the hubby is still the one running to the grocery stores every week...even at his busiest days. We have to eat so no choice, right?'s TGIF again. Unlike last week, it's not a gloomy TGIF today. The forecast for the weekend though is not looking good. Later today, we are expecting some rain and the temperature dipped into the 40s this morning after days of being in the 60s - upper 70s. So here I am in my fleece pants & sweater once again.

With this short update, let me say: Have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe ~


J said…
hey Tuks, I have a problem accessing your site. kahapon din I can't open the page as it loads but it quickly gets stuck on a white page. so tonight, I experimented and enabled the NO SCRIPT add-on sa Firefox and I got through. I'm not sure but it seem to me that there is a script running and it is not allowing it to load. ako lang ba ang may problema?

I read on a blog the other day that this certain blogger had encountered a lot of blogs stuck on white pages including hers. according from her post she found out that the embedded code for PAYING POST was the one causing the problem ( not sure if you have this same code embedded sa blog mo). she deleted it and it's now working. I was trying to access her blog post earlier so I can give you her link but for some reason she deleted the post.

hope you have a great Sabado. kami dito ay frozen na. we were in the teens today, kasi naman mahangin pati.
J said…
at first I thought it was my laptop. buti I tried to enable my no script kaya I was able to load.

oks na nga siya. yipee!!!

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