Me? A Grandma?


Yep, I am. Thanks to my niece who has 2 kids already. Here in the US, you call the children of your nieces or nephews just that...niece and nephew as well. But it's different in the Philippines so I am indeed a 'granny'. If you consider my cousins children's children, then I've been a granny since I don't know when. Actually, I'm already a great grandma if my cousins' children's children's children are to be considered. Confusing, eh? LOL...The latest 'grandchild' is a daughter from a cousin's daughter. I didn't even know she was pregnant but I was told that they posted birth announcements in different social networks to let family know both near and far about the new addition to the family. I guess I need to check their pages more often.

Now being called 'grandma' [Lola] is nothing new to me. That's actually how all my classmates in high school call me up to this day. Am I offended by the nickname? Nope. I actually find it endearing because everyone not only my batch mates would call me that. It kinda' stuck with me even after we graduated from high school. You'll know that the person was either a high school classmate or someone who came from the same high school that I went to.

So go ahead, call me 'grandma'...


J said…
just got home, kasi gumala. our weather was really nice and mild today, kaya we took advantage of it.

have a great Sunday night!
rjs mama said…
you are a pretty grandma :)

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