Counting Down...


It's 2 more days before my high school batch's big day...our Silver Jubilee. I just got an email from a friend that they had a successful motorcade today with a good turn-out. Big sigh of relief here. My former high school classmates are so-to-speak 'notoriously known' of not showing up on big events like reunions. Reasons vary but most just don't care much about it. But since this is a big event, we tried to contact as many as we could to participate. Having the internet on this day and time has played a great part in contacting even those who are no longer in the country.

I was planning in attending this reunion myself but things didn't work out the way we wanted to. Both the husband and I started looking for the best deals in air fare as early as after the holiday season last year up until early this month. There's a bunch of good deals out there not only in air fares but accommodations as well like turks and caicos hotels. At first, our reason for not pushing through with the trip was more on the financial side but as the date got closer, it was no longer the case. It's financially plausible already but time is not on our side anymore. Hubby cannot take off work because of deadlines. Me going home alone is not even an option for me so I made the decision of not being there. There will be more may not be a Silver Jubilee but that's life, right?


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