3G iPhone...


...will be out in May? maybe June? Well, this is according to a report by Bank of America. Although neither AT&T nor Apple has confirmed or denied this news. All they're saying is there is a higher speed version of iPhone coming out but no date has been set of its release.

A lot of people are saying that it may just be in June of this year because there is a scheduled iPhone developers conference during that month. According to the Bank of America report though, there is a possible small amount of production in May followed by a significant one in June.

So for the iPhone fanatics out there, make sure you tune in this coming May or in June if you want to get your hands on this higher speed version of your toy. I won't be holding my breath because I don't have a use for a cheap regular cell phone right now much less a higher-speed very expensive iPhone.


Anonymous said…
The story is touching,grabehhhh.How old are my hands na nga ba?Dami nang callous eh,at ang gaspang kc naman housemade ngeks...and tamad rin maglotion,dagdag gastos lang yan...hahah

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