Blue, blue...

skies, I mean. This is the view from where I am sitting [sans the blinds] right now. I took the picture just to post it here this morning. Lovely, isn't it? The weather bug on my computer says it's currently 64 degrees F. The highest for today...84 degrees F!!! How nice is that???

It's getting warmer around here and I'm pretty sure it won't be long before we start complaining about how hot it is. Toink! And because it's getting warmer, I have started to look for outdoor furniture that we've been meaning to get for the last year or so. The husband really wants to spend time at the back porch and/or the backyard some evenings but we don't normally do because we have yet to get some furniture so we can lounge around outside in the early evenings when the temperature is at its best. Hopefully I'll be able to find something by this weekend.


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