On the Road


That's how we spent our morning yesterday. We were almost late for my 8:15 Dr's appointment because we got up a wee bit late. I forgot to tell hubby [the early riser] what time the appointment was so he didn't get up until I did which was a little after 7. We're just on time so it all worked out fine. My appointment lasted for about an hour including the wait time. From the doctor's office, we went to have breakfast then ran some errands. On our way home, hubby pointed to me a car he fancies right now. He actually pointed it to me several time [everytime we passed by a dealer..LOL] which tells me he really LIKES the car. We only have one car right now because a second one will be a waste of money since it will only be sitting in the garage because SOMEONE [ehem!] still doesn't know how to drive.

Hubby doesn't know how much exactly is the car he likes so he went online as soon as we got home to check the price. It's not too bad actually. While he was looking at the car website, I also asked him to check estatecarinsurance.com. Why? Because if and when we get a new car, we will be needing another car insurance for sure. I just want to find out if we can get cheaper insurance than what we have right now especially if we will be paying for two. I'm just being cautious, 'ya know.


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