Bad Decision


As always, the weekend just breezed through us that we barely felt it. We had a relatively pleasant weekend though. We just stayed home and ate junk foods. The little one couldn't be any more excited since she's deprived of junk foods around here. I did very little work and so did the husband. Both of us spent some time on the phone though. I was able to talk and catch up with a friend who is now on the West coast for a business conference. It's been a while since the last we spoke on the phone so it was great talking with her.

The hubby spoke with a friend as well who is now in the process of selling his newly-renovated house. I was actually surprised to learn that they're selling. Apparently, the mortgage just became too much for them. This is the same person who just recently retired trying to find ways to invest his retirement money so I actully suggested that they buy gold bullion some months ago. He wanted something secure and gold is secure. I guess he didn't listen and decided to renovate his house instead. So now the house they consider a solid investment is in the market.

There is a strong possibility that it may face foreclosure if it does not sell in a few months. It just makes us sad that the house he worked so hard for to build and renovate will probably be foreclosed. Like they say, you can only do so much for other people. In the end, it's their decision not yours. All I can do is to hope their house sells soon.


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