Striking Gold!


I was watching the news yesterday [I think it was yesterday anyway] when a report about a little boy was aired. The boy got a metal detector as a gift from his parents. He used it for the first time on the same day he got when he got the beep he was waiting for. He stumbled upon something…a gold coin. He was ecstatic with his find but what came next made his parents a lot more excited. It turned out the gold coin is a rare kind of coin. They brought it somewhere to be checked and they were told that the coin is probably cost as much as….5 million dollars! I almost fell off my chair when I heard that. I know that gold is in demand right now because of its stability but I wasn’t expecting one gold coin to fetch that much money. Sweet!

Hubby has always wanted a metal detector. Everytime he sees one in those TV shows he likes to watch he’d always say that one day he’s going to get one for himself. He wants to hunt metals as a hobby when we retire. But with this news, I think he’s going to get that metal detector sooner. We may also strike gold if we’re lucky. Who would want to buy gold coins if you can get them for free, right? I’m sure we won’t be as lucky as that little boy but we can always dream.


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