Slowly Decorating

Eversince we got the curio, we've started to slowly do some decorating in the house. We actually did some before we got it but it was a bit hard to do it when there is this big empty spot right in the living room. So we decided to wait until we got or until we got a replacement for it in case it didn't make it here. Anyway, aside from the things we buy for the curio itself - figurines, etc - we also started buying things we can put on the wall. We've also started shopping for a coffee table which would have been one of the first furniture we bought...but we didn't. We went to a furniture store a few weeks ago to check their coffee tables. Instead we ended up looking at barstools that caught the husband's attention. Originally, we were planning to buy some barstools but we later realized they won't fit in the area where we thought they would [fit] so we scratched it off the plan. But the stools that we saw look like they 'may' fit after all. We still haven't bought them but we're seriously considering it. I just don't know if it's practical to do so since we don't really need them right now.


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