Crammed for Space

That's what we have in our poor garage that I tried to straighten up on the weekend. In the other house we didn't have a garage. We had a separate shed for hubby's man stuff and I rarely went in the shed. Here I have no choice but see the 'mess' since the garage is attached to the house. In fairness, it's not just the hubby's mess this time that's cluttering it's our mess. Like I mentioned in my other post, I'm just waiting until the attic is ready then most of the things in there would all go in the attic....I hope. But until that time comes, I'm afraid I may have to go in there and do some de-cluttering every couple of months maybe.

Now because of this 'space' issue we have been putting off buying things that will need space in the garage. Like what? Bikes! We've been planning for the longest time to get us each a bicycle which we can use for fun as well as for exercise. But right now, we don't really know where to store them...until I came across folding bikes. Yes, bikes that can be folded for easy storage...even in our crammed garage. Better yet, these bikes can easily be loaded in the car if we want to go some place there is a bike trail. Maybe we can get start biking sooner than we think then, eh?


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