One Down...2 to Go!

Halloween is finally over and I'm a year older! Ha? How did that happen? LOL...

Anyway, we had a good time accompanying our little one to the mall to do her trick or treatin' last night. As usual, we were one of the early birds so we finished earlier. The crowd was just coming in as we were wrapping up. Woot! Our little trick or treater had a grand time of course. I took pics while Dad took the video.

As usual there were a lot of young ones & young once in costume but think the crowd at the mall was not as big this year. Either the trick or treaters did it in their own neighborhood this time around or just stayed home.

After trying the grilled subs and the 'gourmet' french fries...haha...we drove back home already. On our way home we passed a few groups of kids in costumes walking around. What baffled me though was a group of kids walking along a busy road. I *think* there was an adult with them but still it scared me to think how easily one of them could be hit by a passing vehicle.

Anyway, since Halloween is done...we're now counting the days until the next big 'thing' arrives...Thanksgiving. We're planning in inviting family over but that's all a plan for now. It's not in another few weeks so we will probably finalize it a week or so before the day itself.


J said…
Thanksgiving na in a few days. trip mo mag host this year?

ako,hanggang guest lang hahaha. that is kung may mag-invite.

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