In the Eyes of a 5 Year Old...

My 5 year old likes to draw a lot...and I mean A LOT. I don't remember me drawing this much when I was that age but then again...I don't remember much of anything I did when I was 5. Do you??? LOL. Anyway, I would like to share a couple of the 'artistic creations' of our little one. They may not be the best but for us parents what can be better than our kids' creations...tama???

This is a card made a few days ago. It's love day...that's why. Can't beat that. LOL!!

I guess this is how our little one sees Mom and Dad....notice the LONG HAIR??...yep, it's really that long. LOL...

Which kid does not like the adorable ELMO? This one we framed because we thought the 'essence' of the adorable monster was captured. Not quite sure though what's happening with its left arm...but who cares, right?


RoSeLLe said…
Hi Aling Juliana, magaling na magdrawing prinsesa mo. Lionel did some "abstract" painting din ehehehe Posted it months ago in friendster. Ako eh walang ka art art sa katawan ehehehe
Neis Family said…
Hey thats a really good Elmo drawing I added you to bath of my website please also can you add my blogspot its
Take Care

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