5 Things...

Tag time....tada!!! A new blogger friend, Joyce, tagged me. I'm about to hit the hay but I decided to do it before going to lalaland....

5 Things Found In My Bag
-> wallet/credit card holder
-> tissue
–> pen
–> lip balm
–> comb

5 Things Found In My Wallet
–> credit cards
–> green card
–> some money
–> photos
–> DL and Insurance cards

5 Things Found In My/Our Room
–> Bed
–> TV in armoire
–> night stands
–> books
–> my husband...ay things lang ba? Phone...

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do [Some I did already, some can't anymore and some are yet to be done]
–> work support to my parents[did that]

–> renovate our old house in the Phils [it's renovated already but my brother took charge of it]

–> swim [did this but didn't really learn how to]

–> drive [this is something I never thought I would have to do but now that I'm in a place where I need to drive, I may just have to learn how to do it]

–> cook [I'm doing this now but I don't think I'm that good yet so I'll keep doing it.]

5 Things I’m Currently Into
–> blogging
–> cooking
–> internet
–> rakets online
–> meeting new friends in the blogging world

5 People to Tag for This Meme
–> Roselle
–> Emzkie
–> Nancy
–> Emma
–> Norms


Emzkie said…
hi Julianna. Thnx sa tag! i will do this later. be right back!
Ritchelle said…
hello teacher,bakit po may thanksgiving? para san po? got no clue po eh.annddddddd pwde ko po bang nakawin tong tag na to?

tagged you din po...hehehe!
Joyce said…
thanks for doing this sis happy weekend

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