Dyson Vacuum Cleaner....my ultimate cleaning Machine

One of my favorite household chores is cleaning, more specifically, vacuuming. Aside from actually cleaning the floor or carpet, I get to exercise since this is one chore where I have to actually stand and walk back and forth for a full 30 minutes. I also like the way the carpet looks right after vacuuming. Obviously, since vacuuming is my favorite chore, it makes vacuum cleaners my favorite gadget in the house.

For the last few months though, the vacuum cleaner that I have is just not doing the task. My husband changed the belt 3 times already in the last three months, two weeks ago being the last time. So last Tuesday I started using this vacuum. Within the first few minutes of my vacuuming, my daughter told me that she smelled something stinky. So I turned my vacuum off to smell it but I didn’t smell anything funny. So off I went to continue my chore. As I was approaching the dining area, I smelled something burning!!! It was my vacuum burning a small part of the carpet. Well guess what? The belt was not working again so the roller blade was not rotating causing friction therefore starting the spark that burned the plastic brush on my vacuum which in turn, burned the carpet.

To say that I was annoyed is an understatement. I have been telling my husband since the first time he replaced the belt that I want a new vacuum cleaner. I even told him the brand: Dyson vacuum cleaners. I told him that I have heard nothing but good things about the vacuum cleaners that are made by Dyson like how easy it is to use them. One of the things I read from a Dyson user is that when you’re done vacuuming, the carpet actually looks like it’s brand new because it gets fluffy again. Aside from that, Dyson vacuum cleaners are known not to lose suction. Since then, I have been wanting one of those Dyson vacuum cleaners. I also like the idea that parts are available if ever some mishap happens like maybe burning the carpet?

Come next month, I will try to convince the husband to get me an early Christmas present. You guessed it….a new Dyson vacuum cleaner. I don’t have any model in particular, as long as it’s Dyson, I’ll be one happy camper because I know Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are some girls’ best friend.


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