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I am an avid follower of some famous people. I read almost anything about them that I can get my hands on. Some of them are movie celebrities, some are sport celebrities and some are just famous in their own right. Although I follow the careers of these celebrities I admire, I don’t get the chance to actually meet them in person so I don’t have any of their signed photos or even just their autographs. For a true blue ‘fan’, you would think that I would at least have one autograph of at least one of these idols of mine but nope, don’t have any. But it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to have these memorabilia just because I don’t follow celebrities around.

At memorabilia4u, I can be assured that the signed photo or the autographs I want are authentic. This is because whatever is being sold in this site, either the owner had them autographed himself, or his trusted representatives got them or he got them from trusted collectors. And to make it even better, a lot the signed photos or autographs are either framed or mounted. So if you are fan like me who do not get the chance to collect your idols’ autographs, go to and get one for yourself.


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