A Great Gift to Your Loved Ones..

We just got back from the store to get some additional decorations for our Christmas tree. The store was quite packed with people trying to buy the same things and then some. There are a lot of items which can be given as gifts to family and friends. But most of the gifts are generic and common. I always try to look for something different. Something personalized like Photo Blankets. Yes, photo blankets.

Why not, right? It’s like giving a loved one something that they can remember you by…like seeing you or your kids even if you’re not there. Last year, I remember giving my husband a mug with our little girl’s picture on it. He was very happy to get it simply because no one has the same one. It’s the same with these Photo Blankets, they are so unique that family and friends would surely love them. Here's an example of these gorgeous photo blankets.How I wish I knew about these Photo Blankets before. I wouldn't have a hard time thinking what to give the grandparents then. But hey, it's not too late, I can still get these for them this Christmas. How about you?


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