Janet Ault is a VOICE to Remember...

I am totally dating myself by writing this but when I was younger, our family didn’t have a television. I’m serious. All we had was a transistor radio that we would listen to at all times of the day. It was our main source of entertainment. My mother listened to afternoon radio dramas while we were at school and at night, we would all be listening to the nightly radio shows [short dramas]. So I had an early fascination to people who do voice over. I somehow knew that one person actually did more than one role or voiceover in the show.

So I got excited when I saw Janet Ault’s website. Why? It’s because Janet is a female voice talent...just like those “voices” that served as our entertainment as kids. Janet stands out in her field because she is known as the ‘one take wonder’…for different reasons I'm sure. She doesn’t need a second take to do her job and as proof of that she’s known as the master of cold read. What’s cold read? It’s when a professional voice talent like her can pull off a job without having the chance of seeing the material before the recording….with very few to zero mistakes. This only means that time is not wasted but most importantly, money is saved. Aside from that, she can do it all. Her talent is not limited to commercials. She is also a radio imaging talent.

So if you need someone who can do it all in the voiceover industry, visit Janet Ault’s website. See for yourself why this one of a kind talent is one of the best if not the best in her field. To give you a taste of her talent, here's a sample of her brilliant work.

Character Sample


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