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When I first came over here in the states, I thought of applying for a teaching job. I even sent a request to my county to send me the packet for a teaching position. Well as I soon realized I have to get to the school in order to teach, I decided to ditch the idea of teaching in our local school here. Since Plan A fell apart I decided to go to Plan B - finding an online job. As I mentioned in some my posts, plan B is working out for me.

So, in the spirit of 'giving back'...I am planning on posting some job leads here on my blog. I do searches almost everyday anyway so why not take it a step further and start sharing what I find. It may not be an everyday thing but it's better than nothing. Right? I almost always search for jobs that can be done online or mostly done online teaching or tutoring, writing, customer service, etc, etc.

So start with it, I did a search on online tutoring and what's needed to do this in the comfort of your own home. This is what I found at Wikipedia. Based on my experience, these requirements are almost always on the spot.

The requirements for online tutoring may include:

** Broadband Internet access. Real-time online tutoring using both voice and screen-sharing applications requires a significant amount of bandwidth. A minimum connection speed of 128 kbit/s or higher is recommended - dial-up access may slow down (latency) the process and frustrate both the tutor and student.

**Audio microphone and speaker or a headset containing both

**A shared screen, on which the student and the tutor can write is important for effective teaching. This can be done through the use of collaborative software popularly called a "white board "

**For writing, drawing and highlighting text, a digital pen mouse will be very useful especially while learning Math or languages other than English. Student can write freely instead of using the mouse.

**A web cam or digital video camera may be required if physical demonstration or visual feedback is required.

**If voice and particularly video are not required, many of the technical
requirements listed above can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Some places that hire online tutor/teacher are found here. Like I said in one of my posts, WAHM is place to go to if you're looking for something you can do at home.


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