Friday, November 30, 2007

Learn Self-Defense

Sometime ago, a former co-teacher was riding a bus on her way home from school when a group of men in the bus pointed guns on the other passengers while robbing them of their money and valuables. Ever since that day, I have been mulling over taking some self-defense classes. Finding a school though proved to be harder than I thought. All the places I checked claimed they know the truth about martial arts and that they can help me be ready for any danger that may come my way.

That was more than 10 years ago. Up until this day I have not found a school to my liking so I never really pushed through with that plan… that is until I came across Captain Chris’ Close Combat. My plan of learning self defense may just come true because Close Combat Training is more like the self defense I am looking for.

Close combat training was founded by Chris Pizzo….an accomplished martial artist with 5 black belts to his credit. You would think that with all these belts he has, he would be able to protect his life from any kind of danger…dangers in the outside world, maybe. But when the fight was within his own body, he didn’t have a way to fight it. With the help of his doctors he survived the ordeal and went on with his life as a teacher. He continued to train in martial arts and considered himself as one tough guy. He continued to very active in almost all new martial arts even the ones that were popular. All these trainings made him even more confident about his craft.

But being a martial art expert didn’t prepare him for one life altering fight of his life…a road rage fight. All the training and knowledge he has in martial arts proved to be useless on this particular situation he was in. He almost lost his and his loved ones lives simply because the self-defense he knew didn’t defend them from 2 people who probably didn’t even have any martial training like him. So Chris Pizzo started analyzing the martial arts he knew and decided to find the truth about martial arts. For more than 10 years now, this is what he has been doing. Through this one of a kind self defense method, he is now considered as world leader in self defense.

Through his hard work and dedication, thousands of people now benefit from what is called Close combat. People from all walks of life tried and tested it as proven in the testimonials in their website. Check for yourself and try the no obligation test drive of close combat training in their website.

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