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It was the year 2003 when my husband and I decided to start looking at different companies that offer mortgages. We were looking for a mortgage company that can help us in fulfilling our dream of building our first home together. After doing a lot of research, we thought we found a good company and had everything down. So the process of having our house built started. We were confident that everything was going well until our builder sprang out a surprise on us and the other 170 homeowners in their list. They were going out of business and would be filing for bankruptcy. Needless to say our dreams came crushing down around us.

Not too long after the bankruptcy filing of our builder, our mortgage nightmare started. Our mortgage company released money to the builder more than they should have. And from what we were told, about a third of the builder’s customers also got their mortgage with the same company as ours. This mortgage company came highly recommended by the builder. They told us that since they’re familiar with this specific mortgage company, the process will be much faster and easier. So we all fell for it. That is a hard lesson learned for all of us.

Now I can say that we know better when the time comes that we will need to find a company for a mortgage refinance. How I wish we knew about when we started scouting for a mortgage company. They don't just give you one name of a mortgage company. What they do is they give you a chance to shop then compare so you are not left with only one choice. They have extensive information that a borrower can ever need.

One of the features that morgage finders network has is their mortgage blog. This is where you will find the answers to all the questions that every prospective borrower should be asking. So learn from us! Visit mortgage finder first before choosing a mortgage company and let them point you to the right direction.


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