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Where I live in America, driving is a necessity. Yes, it is. There is no subway like New York or trains like in some other states. There are only buses but they are so far from where I am, I will need a car to drive me to the bus stop. So I cannot go anywhere unless I know how to drive or I have someone to drive me. If I need to go somewhere, I have to schedule it around my husband’s work schedule. So I was worried that because of my inability to drive, I will not be able to make a living to help with our financial needs. Well guess what? That is no longer a problem for me. I still can’t drive but I am proud to say that I am actually making money because I get paid to blog. That’s right I can now blog for money. How did that happen? Well, I just joined Smorty, a service that connects advertisers and bloggers. So now I don’t have to worry about getting in a car to drive to work since I can get paid by blogging. All I needed is a blog that I maintain and I can use it for blog advertising.

Now I don’t have to worry about not being able to drive. That means that unlike many people in the work force, I don’t have to worry much about paying for gas. I don’t even have to worry about setting my alarm clock every morning. So if you’re like me who likes to write but can’t work in offices, join Smorty now and do some blog advertising.


Unknown said…
I think the time for a change is on the card. A day job may not be the best carrier option unless someone is crazy to follow instructions of firing boss!

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