Monday, November 26, 2007

Travel Time.....

It’s almost December. A lot of people are planning some life changing trips this coming month I’m sure. This coming month is probably one of the more famous, if not the most famous, months of the year for travelers. It seems that a lot places have something special to offer during this winter month.

I have not traveled much in my life. I am the type who would plan and plan any travel that I take. I don’t want to be caught by surprise especially when I’m in a foreign country. I even help my friends to research things they need when they want to travel simply because I’m always online. One friend of mine wants to visit her sister in Germany but she doesn’t want to bother her with accommodations because they’re both married now. She asked me to look for hotels in Berlin. So I did and gave her the things I found. I was curious why they want to go there in December. Well, it’s because of the Christmas markets. She says her sister would always mention it so it got the better of her and decided it to see for herself. So Berlin, here she comes. I’m sure that the list of hotels in Berlin that I gave her will be very handy.

As for me, I have plenty of places I want to visit when I get the chance to do that. One of the places is Austria. Why? The name of the country itself is captivating especially one of its city, Vienna. I’ve been doing some reading on this country and even if it’s just a small country, it’s very rich in culture. It would be nice to experience how the people in this country live. I would have to look for hotels in Vienna because I really want to see Vienna’s Glorious Ball Season. Now, I have no idea at first what this ball season is but upon reading more about it, it sounds really exciting. I may just tell my friends to widen her trip itinerary and go see Vienna as well. I would be willing to share with her the names of hotels in Vienna that I already found. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled.

Wow, just writing about these 2 places makes me want to go on a much needed vacation. My daughter would love to go to these places as well because of the snow, well aside from the exciting things we can do in both Berlin and Vienna. It's a good thing that finding affordable hotels won't be a headache now. She’s been wanting to see snow for the longest time now…hmm, maybe a trip to Berlin and Vienna would fulfill that dream of hers. Good idea, eh?

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