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If I am asked what two jobs I can do right at this moment, I can say that teaching and tutoring are the 2 without hesitation. I have more than 15 years of teaching experience and the subject that I taught the most is Math…Grade School, Middle School and some High School Math. Of all these Math subjects I handled, Algebra is probably my favorite. But a lot of students don’t really like Algebra or any Math subjects for that matter.

My first teaching job was in a regular classroom setting where there’s a teacher in front of about 30 students talking non-stop. But when I decided to pursue my Masters degree, I quit full time teaching because both required full time hours. To support myself, I started tutoring. That way I can control my schedule and work around it. Parents seek the help of a tutor because their children usually need Homework Help or reinforcement in certain areas. More often than not, Math is the subject that kids need a lot of help with. During those days, what I did was face to face tutoring…meaning, I went to the house of my students to tutor them. This was in the 90's.

Presently, there are different ways to do tutoring. In-person tutoring is still being done, but there are new ways to do it like phone tutoring and online tutoring. Both are done remotely which means that the tutor/teacher and the tutee/student don’t really meet in person for a tutoring session. All they have to do is to go online and with the use of a software, they can meet and hold a tutoring session. I don’t have any experience with phone tutoring but I did online tutoring for a few years. Online tutoring is when the teacher/tutor and student/tutee meet online. Since I have done this personally, I believe that it’s very effective to a lot of students because it is personalized tutoring. The tutor’s concentration is only one’s student’s learning. And since there are no classmates to compete with for attention or to impress, the student gets the most out of the tutoring sessions.

So if your kid needs an alternative way when it comes to his tutoring, try online tutoring. You never know, this may just be the answer to your kid’s academic needs.


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