UTI or Urinary Tract Infection....

From the ever dependable Wikipedia, I found this definition:

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that affects any part of the urinary tract. Although urine contains a variety of fluids, salts, and waste products, it usually does not have bacteria in it.[1] When bacteria get into the bladder or kidney and multiply in the urine, they cause a UTI. The most common type of UTI is a bladder infection which is also often called cystitis. Another kind of UTI is a kidney infection, known as pyelonephritis, and is much more serious. Although they cause discomfort, urinary tract infections are usually quickly and easily treated by seeing a doctor promptly

I hate having UTI. It's so uncomfortable and painful most times. I've had my share of it more than I would want to. Back in the Philippines we call this "balisawsaw". I don't remember going to the doctor for it instead my mother would ask us to drink plenty of buko juice when we complained to her about it...and it always seemed to work. But since buko juice is not always available here, I now take cranberry juice...and I hate it. I don't like it much but I have to drink it whenever I'm faced with this predicament. UTI is also very common to pregnant women. I remember having it on the first trimester of my pregnancy. During my first appointment with my first OB-Gyn, I told her about it...and she didn't prescribe me anything!! Two days after that appointment, my hubby called her clinic and the recepcionist was surprised that the doctor didn't prescribe me anything for the infection. So the receptionist called the pharmacy so we can just pick up the antibiotics. Well, that was the last that clinic heard from us because we looked for another OB-Gyn.

Since that incident I started looking for ways to avoid experiencing UTI again but it's very hard. It's like as a woman, I have to have it. Good thing I found cranberry pills. I've been taking these pills regularly. And it really seems to help. I noticed that I've been spared of this infection for months if not years if I take the pills regularly. But I'm not totally free of it unfortunately...and when it happens, it usually takes me by surprise. So I bought the AZO Tablets. Everytime I feel discompfort in passing urine, I would take it right away to make sure it goes away. Fortunately taking the AZO tablets usually ease the pains and eventually gets rid of the discomfort all the together.

So if you're prone to this very uncomfortable infection, try taking cranberry pills regularly. It may just work for you at it works for me.


Anonymous said…
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