Who was the Last I....

My fellow kapampangan tagged me this morning. Since I'm too tired to think of what to blog about as filler, I decided to do it. Thanks, Nancy Fancy....

(1. Had a beer with?

>>> Last time I had a bottle of beer was in 1997(?). Yes that long..and why do I remember such a thing? Because it was a payout for a lost bet with my former Korean boyfriend...hehe

(2. Went to the movies with?

>>>> Once again this was ages ago...in 2001. I remember because it was the LAST!!! Can you believe that. I was pregnant then....so when the baby came, we just opted not to go to the movies.

(3. Went to the mall with?

>>>>> Ah this was just last Halloween. I was with hubby and my little clown 'Jojo Circus'

(4 . Talked on the phone with?

>>>> My husband.

(5. Made you laugh?

>>>>Not quite sure on that and it's only a few hours ago..hmm...well, it has to be either the husband or the daughter, right?

(6 . You hugged?

>>> My daughter before she went to bed.

(7. You yelled at?

>>>>> Just now...my hubby..I said...BABY...because he let out a loud one...[stinky too]


(1. Pierce your nose or tongue?

>>>> Why will I do that? I have all the holes in my body that I need..

(2 . Be serious or be funny?

>>>> Depends on the situation. Mostly funny nowadays since I don't get to mingle with other people but family.

(3. Drink whole or skim milk? >>>> Whole...

(4 . Die in a fire or get shot?

>>>>> Again, why????? But if I really have to choose, get shot..quick and easy.


(1. Sun or moon?

>>> Day - sun, Night - moon....kaya mo yun?

(2. Winter or Fall?

>>> Fall

(3. Left or right?

>>>> Left or right what? I guess right.

(4. Sunny or rainy?

>>>> When I'm in the house, rainy is fine. But when I need to be out there, sun is good.

(5. Peach or Pear?

>>>> Mango?? I don't care for those 2 fruits, sorry.

(6. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?

>>>> the truth? I don't really like spaghetti. Other pasta dishes like fettucine...cut.

(7.Do You Cook? >>>> Yes I do...everyday. sometimes 3x a day.

(8. Current mood?



Anonymous said…
ahahaha! bakit ka naman serious? anong iniisip mo? haha!

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