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I know a lot of my blogger friends do at home. And I feel really blessed and fortunate to have been given the chance to earn a living while raising my daughter myself. What I make is not what one would consider enough to survive but it's good to know I'm contributing something regardless of the amount. I remember one conversation with my hubby about the money I make doing what I'm doing. In the course of our conversation he said that even if I'm not making a fortune doing my online jobs, it's enough to keep us from losing any sleep at night because every little bit help. I thought that was very nice of him to say that.

Anyway, during my first year here, we came to a point where we didn't have enough to have emergency money. My hubby worked hard but at that time the work was just not available so their hours were cut which meant a pay cut. At that point, I really wanted to work outside the house. But two things prevented me from doing so. First, I was pregnant and second, as most of you know by now...I couldn't drive...I still can't as a matter a fact.Aha!! So I tried looking online while I was pregnant. It was not easy..not at all...for every 100 leads, I would be lucky to get a 1 legitimate lead. In fact, I was tempted once to try those 'data entry' scam. I thought at that time that $15 was not a lot. So even if it's a scam, we wouldn't lose a fortune. True but if you think of all the people falling for this scam..say about 50 people in a week fall for it... at $15 each that's still a lot of money. That's basically why we decided to file a complaint. Fortunately, we got our $15 back.

The scam didn't stop me from looking for something I can do at home but it made me more aware and cautious. I tried to ignore those too good to be true jobs like thos that advertise they're making $500 a week working 2 days a week, 2 hrs a day. Yeah, right! After having our baby, my desire to find a job got even stronger. So I went online again day in day out. In my search, I found a website called Work-at-Home-Mom or WAHM. It's an online magazine for mothers who are either looking for a work at home job or a home-based business or for mothers who are already doing both. This site is very informative. It also has very supportive members. I believe I found majority of my online 'rakets' here. I'm already working online but I still don't fail to visit the site daily. Sometimes I go there just to read but I still go there to see if there's any new leads I can try. Why? Because I believe that there's something else out there I can do. Why not? Online jobs are as unpredictable as any other jobs. One day you have it, the next day you don't. So if you're looking for some work at home leads, visit You may not find a job but you will surely find some friends. I know I did.


Mommy said…
hi sis navisit ko na rin yan before may nakuha ka bang mga jobs like what jobs mga nakuha mo share mo nmn, were on the same boat until now d pa rin ako nag dadrive. D rin pwede mag work kc walang maiiwan sa anak ko. Share mo nmn mga rakets mo dyan. kung ok lng sayo
Chuck Bartok said…
I have been working form home
for the past 47 years..
Learned a few trick and tips.

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