I got tagged ages ago by Emma. The tag is about 10 things that worry me. Sampu lang? Let me see....

1. I worry that I may never learn how to drive. [kunwari lang]

2. I worry that our new builder will take forever to finish our new house.

3. I worry about our environment...seriously. I have a little one now and I want her to have an environment that is livable.

4. I worry about my family back home since I don't get to see them often.

5. I worry about my husband driving.

6. I worry about my health even if there's really no reason to.

7. I worry that about financial matters...who doesn't.

8. I worry I may not have any more worries to finish the 10 that's required of this tag.

9. I worry that I may not be doing what is expected of me.

10. I worry that I may not be showing enough love to my daughter and husband.

Whew...I thought I don't worry much. Now that I jotted them down, I guess I do.


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