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Reading the news has always been a part of my daily routine eversince I was in college. It just kind of stuck with me after taking a class in Current Events. I read all sorts of news from Entertainment to Politics to the local news. The one news I really don’t want to come across with is the news about someone committing a crime because he or she is intoxicated or high on something. A good example would be those who are caught driving under the influence. They not only put themselves in danger but also those who are on the road with them. From what I have been reading, in America alone, 23 Million people are in need of treatment for some form of a substance abuse but less than 10% of these abusers actually seek the help they need. Why is that when there is drug treatment available to them? Because some people just wouldn’t admit that they have any substance abuse problem.

I know because I have immediate family members who battled either drug or alcohol addiction or both. Let me tell you, this disease becomes really scary when it hits close to home. We wanted to help but at the time, help was the last thing a family member of mine wanted. So even if we wanted him to enter an alcohol rehab or a drug rehab center, it was just not feasible because the person involved wouldn’t admit that he had some substance abuse problems. Fortunately [or unfortunately however one looks at it], something life-threatening happened which opened his eyes so he got off the alcohol and drug without going in any alcohol rehab center.

My personal experience, somehow, has a happy ending. But not all those who have substance abuse problems are as "lucky" as we are. Way too many people either die or get hurt because of alcohol or drug addiction. So everyone must be united in fighting this disease. If you know someone, a friend, a family member or even just someone you’re only acquainted with, needs help, refer them to 1800nodrugs.com. This place will help the person by looking for a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab that is suitable to the needs of the person involved. They are open day in day out all year-round so they can be reached anytime and anywhere. Professionals are waiting to help, so do them a favor and see what this place has to offer. Who knows, with that one call you will make, the next life you will be saving is somebody close to you.


Anonymous said…
I salute you Ma'am.Sorry I am always late.Ako etong busy kc birthday ni Shiela tom kaya ang laki ng problema ko on how to inflate my balloons to float without the need of a helium gas,mahal eh.

Pa tutor daw po sabi ko,kc in need me more on the subject-verb agreement tsaka proper grammar na rin!grrrrhhhhhh...

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