20 Interesting Questions...

Tukayo, Lucel Juliana, tagged me on this 20 Interesting Westions...hmm...let's see if the answers I have for these questions are as interesting, eh?

Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. At what age do you wish to marry? I’m married already but I never thought I’d get married.
2. What color do you like most? Any of the earth colors - brown, green etc.
3. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one? Not sure actually.
4. Where is the place that you want to go the most? Right now, the Philippines.
5. Which part of you that you hate the most? My eyebrows.
6. When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do? Cry probably
7. What are you afraid to lose the most? Loved ones
8. If you win $1 million, what would you do? Pay off the mortgage and have a house built in the Philippines, give some to charity.
9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or would you keep it to yourself and observe from afar? Is this a trick question?
10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you. Very articulate based on her entries, friendly and a cook – hey just check out her blog and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half? Requirements? Para namang job interview. Actually what he has is more than enough.
12. Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most? Doing this tag. LOL. Seriously, I would have gone home from Taiwan Christmas of 1999 so I could have spent one last Christmas with my mother
13. Which type of person do you hate the most? Parasites
14. What is your ambition? For myself? None anymore. I have wishes for my daughter though.
15. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad? Who?
16. Christmas is coming, who do you like to celebrate with? I am celebrating it with them - my family.
17. What brand of toothbrush do you use? Oral-B, I think.
18. It would be 2008 in a few days, do you have a new year’s resolution? No. Too old for that.
19. Has anyone in your family betrayed your trust? Yes.
20. Aside from the ones with you now, name 3 people, whether they passed already or not, that you wish you can spend the Christmas with one last time. My mother, my father, and a cousin - all 3 passed already...so maybe it's going to say as a wish.

Let's see what answers Nancy, Denz, Emzkie, Annie, Roselle, Norm, Ritchelle and Bless have on these questions.


denz said…
MMMmmmm let me see what are answers that I can give to this questions... tnx for this ate, I'll post this later tnx and Merry Christmas TC :)
J said…
yayy, articulate daw. nabola talaga kita.

awww di ako nag-iisa. really, why do people more so family, betray our trust ha? pasko pa naman, when i remember dugo ko di maiwasan kumulo.
Ritchelle said…
i'll be back later Maam,sorry at natagalan,hirap kc alang car kaya late na naman.tagal mag antay ng bus eh taz si shiela pasaway pa.

take care!

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