Allergy Attack...Add-On Pop Ups...Work allergy's been attacking me for about a week now!!! It's just not going away. It doesn't go away really but at least with the Benadryl that I take, the sneezing can stop....not this time. I know what's causing it....the crazy weather here in Florida. Crazy as in LOCO big time. One day it's hot, the next day it's raining, then it's cold. Arrgghhh!!!!

Anyway, I haven't been able to visit all my blogger fwens daily like I used to. Aside from these allergy attacks, invasion is more like it, there are 2 reasons for that. First....I am getting a lot of "Add-On Errors" in some of the blogs I visit. I'm not sure why but it only happens to some [and probably happens to me only, that's just my luck I guess] and not to the same blogs all the time. When I get the error, it would close down the browser so I just quit most of the time.

The second reason is I'm kinda' busy with my rakets. When I started writing this blog, my work was slow....and the one job I really like was not very promising at the time. I was told by my contact that it's probably not going to happen for this cycle so I decided to blog to ward off the boredom and the sadness. But to my surprise they emailed me last week and said that they may just have something for me...Yippee. Now I'm a happy camper.

I know I wrote in one of my entries a few weeks ago that I will be posting here the jobs I come across with my search but I fell short of that promise simply because I am not finding anything worth my time. All I see are either scams or are not WAHJ like most of us are wanting. I even asked my other jobs if there are openings...but the answer I always get is a big fat NO! But don't you worry, this will be the first place I'm going to announce it as soon as I hear there are openings...and that's a promise.

Thanks for being here and reading my longggg entries.....appreciate the time and the patience. Bye for now....


emma said…
wait ko yang job na yan mommy jul ha..ako ang iyong lady in waiting..lols..tag 4 u pala.../

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