Aqua Dots...

That's the first one in our daughter's Christmas list which she made in September/October, way before the toy was put on the recall list. I was kinda sad but not surprised that a lot of the toys that a lot kids like are on the list. One place that list toys that are on recall is WATCH - Watch Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. What do you know, AQUA DOTS is right on top. Now if there is an organization which job is to warn us of dangerous toys, it can only mean that there's probably a lot of toys that they needed to put an organization as watchers. I tried to explain to our little one why aqua dots should be crossed out and of course she's not too happy about it. So now she can only think of the Aqua Dots...why? Because she can't have it...argghh.

Anyway, if you're a Mom or an Aunt or a Friend who is thinking of getting toys for your young loved ones, check WATCH first before you buy any toy. You just might not know that the innocent looking toy you're eyeing for them may be one of the toys in the recall list.

You may also want to read this article in Yahoo. It's called Many toys in test have dangerous chemicals: WSJ. Sigh....why does life get this complicated?


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