The Beauty of Space...Outer Space that is...

My husband is very much into the Science Channel [and History Channel and the Discovery Channel...and the....should I go on? Nah]. Anyway, there are times that I would watch with him and it just never fails to amaze me how beautiful the outer space is. It may not happen in this lifetime, but I know that someday someone will be able to actually go in one of those planets to check it out.

As I was browsing Yahoo today, I came across these pictures. They're not new pictures but they are still breathtaking. In the news, they are saying that Mars may just be hit by an asteroid next month, January 30 to be exact. The asteroid, 2007WD5, is very similar to the one that hit Siberia in 1908 which had the power of a 15-megaton of nuclear bomb thus wiping 60 Million trees!! Wow!
Anyway, here's a picture of Mars, the planet that glows. This pic wast taken Dec. 18.

This picture is a a binary-star, or two-star, system, called HD 113766.

This third picture is Saturn in 3 different views. Isn't it pretty?
Pictures from Yahoo News.


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