Benvenuto in Italia.....

I have always had some issues about going on vacations because for me, the accommodation is always a prime concern. I don’t really like the idea of bothering friends and family whenever I’m in town for a vacation. I just think that they have their own lives and it’s not always convenient for them to alter their plans just because I am coming. So when my friend in Belgium invited me to go to Italy, the first thing I did was to look for Italy hotels. We had a whole plan on what to do like visiting those famous monuments there and where to go once we were in Italy. We chose the places carefully since there are a lot of places we wanted to go to in that country. I only have about 1 month of vacation so we needed to do some careful planning and prioritize the places.

So I made a list of the cities that I thought were [still are actually] my and her favorite. First was Rome, I just had to see the Vatican. I guess even those who don’t have a religion are intrigued by this city within a city. I made it a point to have several Rome hotels to choose from. Having choices would give us the upper hand on the cost as well as the proximity of the hotel to the Vatican as well as some other attractions in Rome.

I did the same with Milan, I had a whole bunch of names of Milan Hotels. The ones I chose for Milan are those places which are near the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum. Who is not interested in seeing this museum to see the works of this great artist up close and personal. I sure did. In this museum are mostly his contribution to science. Did you know that he invented the scissors? He did and I didn’t know. I’m not sure if the scissors he made would be there but there are a lot of other things there which are his contribution in the field of science. I must admit that it took me a while to learn that he was not only an artist that painted Monalisa but a scientist as well.

Venice also made it to the cut of those places we were planning on visiting. Both my friend and I are hopeless romantics so we really wanted to experience that gondola ride that they’re saying is one of the most romantic ride you will ever have. Just the same, I was all ready with my or choices for Venice hotels. My friend was actually impressed because I was really ready with all the information we needed to go on this well-planned, well-thought of endeavor.

Then something unexpected happened. I couldn’t go to Belgium as planned. Why? I met the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I had to tell my friend about this ‘new development’. My friend was happy for me but she was also a bit disappointed because she really wanted to go on that trip with me. But guess what? She did, not with me but with her husband. Half of the plan happened, it’s now up to me to make the other half happen. Maybe in the future it will..and I will be able to take the Gondola Ride that I so wanted to take with my friend only this time, I have my husband to share it with.


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