Corfu Island is a Place to Visit...

On Christmas day, while we're watching “A Christmas Story”, my husband was telling me how much he really wants to go on a vacation in the near future. It’s been years since we went on one and it’s not even a real vacation because it was spent visiting friends in another state. So we were both in agreement that the next time we go on a vacation, it would be a real vacation. It will be where we will relax and do some sightseeing as well. This is only 100% conceivable if we go to a place where we don’t know anyone so we won’t feel obligated to visit anyone. We can do the visiting some other time. So a vacation here in the states is not what we’re planning in doing.

So where are going? We have some places in mind and one of them is Greece. Why Greece? Why not? Just by reading about this country makes it very enticing. Aside from that, my husband wants to satisfy his curiosity about this place. Now, I know that Athens is probably the most famous city there. But have you heard about Corfu? It’s another city in Greece that a lot of tourists go visit. I think it’s going to be the ideal place for us because there are hotels in Corfu that are very affordable…just what we are looking for. And with the travel guide of Corfu island provided by Fantastic Greece, it would be easy for us to go around the island and do what we want to do during the entire vacation. I'm sure that we will find a Corfu hotel that will be perfect for us in case we want to stay indoor for a day or so.

Now all we have to do is put our affairs in order and make sure everything is in place before going on a vacation that we really, really need. We don’t have to worry about Corfu accommodation because it’s all done for us. If only we can find a place to fix our schedule for us before we can go on a trip, it’s going to be a perfect life.


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