Diamonds and Rolex....Girls Best Friends!!!

My husband complains that it is very hard to buy me gifts for any occasion so he would usually tell me to just look for whatever I want and tell him about it or just order it and he’ll pay for it. For some, that may seem to be so not romantic but I have no problem with it. Right now, I have not chosen anything that can be qualified as a family heirloom like some kind of an estate diamond jewelry but one day, I would want to own a few pieces and I may just start with this set of emerald bracelet and necklace.

I am planning on passing this to my daughter in the future. Considering how elegant and pretty this kind of jewelry is, at Gray and Sons, it is sold at a very affordable price. Aside from their estate jewelry, they also sell rolex watches. These are pre-owned but they are restored at mint conditions so they really look like they are brand new. I have always wanted to own one but I just couldn’t afford a brand new one. But with Gray and Sons, my life-long wish of owning one may just become a reality. I am actually eyeing this one.

I have no plans of owning a lot of estate jewelry or rolex watches but I have an older friend who has collected quite a few over the years. I was talking to her on the phone before Christmas and she mentioned that she’s looking for places that sell jewelry, pre-owned jewelry where she can sell some of her prized possession. I guess I have just the place for her. Next time she calls, I can direct her to Gray and Sons. I’m sure she will get a good deal for them. She may just end up parting with more than she wants to part with.


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