I'm doing my usual rounds this morning. Just like the other times, I am getting these add-on errors and I am forced to close my browser. Normally, IE - Internet Explorer - pop-up comes up saying that it had encountered an error that is after I get an advisory that an add-on is having some problems.

I think I "somehow" figured out what the problem is. You see, my blog is very basic. Everything I have on it is just what is offered by blogger. My computer is kinda' spoiled and it's not used to dealing with anything complicated...hehe. So when I go to those sites with pretty background and have those good music as background, it just can't take it. This usually results to my lovely but ancient laptop refusing to load the pages...especially when I have a thousand and 1 browsers open. I still can go to those blogs but I have to close the other browsers open and stop the loading before all the add-ons are all in place in the blog I'm visiting.

So my apologies to you my friends who I have not been able to visit in the past week or so. Actually, I may have visited some but I was just not able to leave a message in your tag. Like I usually say, I'll try again later when my laptop decides to cooperate again.

Thansk for the visits ladies and gents.....


Vicky said…
I have a tag for you in my brave journal. Oh and the error I was getting that also try downloading Netscape and using that or it could be that your Ethernet card went bad mine did and I was having the same problem. Good luck It is annoying I know
Anonymous said…

Windows XP ba ang OS mo? Siguro kailangan nang palitan ang laptop mo hehe! But know what, you're the best pa rin kasi lagi ka visit sa blog ko!

Siguro you need to upgrade your flash or java. They can be complicated at annoying. O cge ingat lagi! :)

hehehe thanks girl for dropping by! Have a nice day ahead!
Anonymous said…
hmm,you are not alone teacher dont worry.I was just from my sister in law,nakigamit ako don,shock me nung makita ko ung design ng blog ko sobrang pangit.sabi di kc daw compatible.ewan...pano po yan?

pero at least may laman ung blog ko so ok lang..kahit na pang grade 1 ung grammar.siguro po pagnaging teacher kita bagsak me,whoaaaaa...pero siguro kc mabait ka pwede narin kahit na 'pasang awa',hahaha

Good night!
emma said…
mommy jul, ako walang problem pagpasok sa blog mo..maganda nga kasi di ba mahirap buksan ang blog mo..mabilis mag open..

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