European Escapade...

A European vacation…that’s probably one of the ultimate dream one can have. Since this is an ultimate dream vacation, visiting only one place would not be right. One must see all those places that a lot of people talk about whenever they go on European escapades.. If given the chance, I would love to visit all of Europe but that’s probably too much to ask for all at once so I came up with a few cities that I can visit on my FIRST European Escapade.

First on my list would be France…where Paris is, of course. Why Paris, France? Because of this.

I’m fascinated with the Eiffel Tower so much so that if this European vacation ever happens, I would make it a point to search Paris Hotels which are really near the tower to make sure I get to see it anytime I want to while I am there. I’ve only seen it in pictures so I really want to see this much talked about tower and satisfy my curiousity by seeing this breathtaking tower as much as I person.

The next place in my list would be London. Couple of reasons for this. First, I have friends there and I would love to get in touch with them while I’m traveling Europe. One thing I try to avoid though whenever I’m visiting a place is being a burden to friends so I would make it a point to find London Hotels which are accessible to my friends and to some of the most popular tourist spots in London like this one...

Yes, the Big Ben. Just like the Eiffel Tower, this one is something I have to see in person.

Germany would probably be next on my list. A friend actually influenced me on this one. She told me about the Christmas Markets there when she visited Germany a few years ago. She visited her sister who was studying there so they both went to Berlin to experience it together. She told me that a lot of tourists actually come there just to see these Christmas markets so her advice to me is to make sure to look into Berlin Hotels early because they are booked quite fast. She told me that because of the Christmas Markets like this one...
... she may just go back there this in the future.

And last but not the least in my places to visit in Europe on my first vacation there is Spain. Coming from a country that is very much influenced by the Spaniards, this had always intrigued me. One of its biggest influences, if not the biggest, to my country of birth is Roman Catholicism. So if I get the chance to visit this country, I would like to see the churches in Barcelona like the Sagrada Familia Church.
I have a former co-teacher in Barcelona and he told me that the churches there are really breathtaking but it's not all there is in that city. So he said that I should stay a week or so in that city just to explore it. Good thing I know where to find listings of Barcelona Hotels which are

So even if I want to stay a little longer in all these cities, I know that it will fit my budget because can provide me different choices when it comes to finding a place to stay in while I'm touring. Who knows I may just have enough money left to go see another city aside from these 4 I mentioned....hmmm, maybe I can go to Vienna?


Merydith said…
Juliana ok ba itong xoom? Have you tried them na ba? Eh sa lucky money kasi ako nagpapadala tapos 8.00 if below 100.00 tapos pag lampas 12.00 na then tapos lampas uli sa 200.00 h 16.00 na yong fee ang mahal. Ok lang ba sya? Can I use my cc? Thank you :)

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