Friends/Sister Week

I have to modify this one because last night Madir to be...Annie, yes the Texas Sweetie herself, drop by to tell me about this most coveted award, and this morning Joyce of Pinaymama's Garden dropped by to tell me she's handing it to me, then while I was doing my rounds just now, I stumbled upon it again, this time is from the Queen of Sweetness...Darlene, well I 'assumed' it's me so I would be in big trouble if it's for the other Julianas. Anyway, it's not an's this Doggie that represents Friends/Sisters Week. Look at the eyes naman....alang kasing laki. How can you say no to those BIG brown eyes. Thanks, Madir to be Anne, Darlene and Joyce....very thoughtful of you both.

This little doggie needs a new place to go...for a while. So, Abby, Cel, Chelle, Denz, Diane, Juliana RW, Norm, Nancy, Nova, Roselle and Emzkie...would you be kind enough to welcome this 'cute' in your homes. Please???


Juliana said…
Hi Jul, Thanks for the doggie award :)

Ah...will you also vote for me

Emzkie said…
ka cute!!! thnx Jul... i will post this later. =)
Norm said…
thanks jul! parang exchange tag tayo nitong doggie na may malaking mata at mouth hehehe, kasi I tag you too...anyway, add ko nalang your name check my blog and visit me there
Nova said…
Thanks a lot for this award misis, kasi naman i'm sooo touched with the meaning of it.... *tears of joy*

more power to you...
RoSeLLe said…
Naku! Aling Juliana, pasensya ka na at napatagal ang pag pick-up ko dito sa tuta ko... alam mo na linggo dito husbandry, pa sneak-sneak lang ako pag upo dito sa harap ng pc :D Maraming salamat ha!! :) Sige po uwi ko na to! :) TY ulit

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