Giving is Better than Receiving...

Christmas is the season of giving. This is one very popular saying that seems to work during the holiday season. So during the season, we see a lot of people donating toys, money, food and their time to some worthy causes. You even see celebrities go to places serving food to the homeless. This is all good of course. But should giving be only done during the holiday season? Unfortunately, it seems to be the trend. It doesn’t have to be though. That’s why Boat Angel is around. This is an organization that accepts Charity Boat Donations which then sells the boats in Ebay to benefit some people who are in need of help through out the year all over the world.

The money they make from selling the boats is used to produce Christian’s Children Animations on DVDs like this one.

What do they do with these DVDs they produce? They send them as Free DVDs to any children that may want them. And when they say free, it’s really free including the shipping and handling. Now that’s giving, no strings attached whatsoever. So if you or anyone you know has a boat that is not needed anymore, visit Boat Angels. Your Boat Donations may just save a life or two.


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