Hannah Montana Craze????

There is no doubt that "Hannah Montana"a.k.a. Miley Cyrus, is probably the flavor of the season especially to young kids - tweens and teens alike. But to lie about something as serious as 'death' just to score some tickets is just going over the top.

I just read in the news today, that a family of a 6-year old wrote an essay about her father dying in Iraq! The kicker? It was all made up - it's all a big fat LIE in other words - so the girl can win the contest sponsored by a store - Club Libby Lu. The grand prize was a makeover which included a blond Hannah Montana wig and the most coveted concert ticket of year, Hannah Montana tickets. Well, the girl WON but upon doing some investigating, it was learned that no such person died in Iraq, much less the father of the 6-year old girl.

Now, I'm all for doing everything I can to make our little girl happey...but making up a story about her FATHER DYING is just beyond comprehension. Needless to say, the prizes were all taken away from the 'winner' and awarded them instead to somebody else. How about that for breaking your little girl's heart? To whoever coined this ridiculous idea, it probably serves you right. Unfortunately, a 6 year old had to be involved. Next time, be real...it may just make you win.


Utah Mommy said…
I've seen this news too when we had our vacation in Arizona last night and i wasn't really paying too much attention to the TV because i was exhausted from our adventure. So this is the HOAX they been talking about huh. Thanks for the info mommy J.

Oh by the way, i just got back from our never ending trip lol! And as expected i am now tired and want to get rest all day lol! Will try to catch up soon as i can! Have a happy new year to you and to your family as well. May you have good fortune and happiness and good health of course as you welcome the new year!
Unknown said…
hi sis! thanks for always visiting my site!

good for them!

happy new year! from korea

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