Harry Potter and Bourne Ultimatum

Since I don't have the chance to go to the movies, I make it a point to get the DVDs of the ones I really like.Of course, Harry Potter series is on top of my list. I've read all the books so I know what's in the movies more or less but it's still exciting to see the movie version because of all the cool things they show in the film like the fictional game of Quidditch. Anyway, I got to see the last installment of the HP Series. I like it but it's not as exciting as the others maybe because it's a grown up version already and they don't have the Quidditch game in this one. Oh well, maybe in the next 2 there will be but I don't recall reading the game anymore in the last 2 books but I maybe I just forgot. Here's Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix Cover Page.

As for the Bourne series, I already have the DVD of the latest installment Bourne Ultimatum, BUT I'm forbiddent, yes FORBIDDEN, to watch it alone. You see, I had the mistake of telling hubby earlier that I'm about to watch it and he said that he's planning to watch it WITH ME...awwww! LOL. So I decided to put it on hold and wait till the weekend to see it...talk about suspense, huh? I also read the book versions of Bourne in the 1990s. So I'm also familiar with the plot of the movies but I can't really remember a lot of it since it's been a while since I read them.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw in something about my latest acquisitions here...hehe. I will be posting more about Bourne Ultimatum as soon as I finish watching it.


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