I 'think' I DID it!!!

Yes, I think I did it!!! After days and days of not being able to visit all of my blogger friends, I think I finally did it today. No pop ups, no hanging...just smooth sailing blog hopping!!! How cool is that??? Now I can rest in peace...hehe. Well, after all the houseworks and schoolwork sfor little Erica are done...well, I guess I can't rest in peace huh? Well, at least I visited at least one of my blogger friends blogs.

Gotta go now....I have a kitchen begging to be cleaned....as Tigger likes to say: TTFN....tata for now!!!


Anonymous said…
ako mommy jul, may problem pa rin ang journal ko..suerte pagnakapasok ako..kasi pag open ko walang lamaa..tapos restart na namn..waaa,,kapagod

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