It's the Day after Christmas....

So it's the day after Christmas...what's everyone up to today? My hubby is back at work so it's just me and our little one here again. I'm still blogging [didn't really take a break] and our litte girl just finished her morning school works. She's now busy tending to her 'sick''s running a fever so she made some "soup" to make it feel better better...aha!!!

She got this new digital camera for a Christmas present and as of 12 noon today, she already took about 200 pics....inside the house! I am posting some of her 'precious pics' here which she took yesterday.

Here's her new toy.....the battery is almost gone but she's still snapping away.
Some of her 'loots'....a Vtec educational computer and her Raggedy Ann tea set. The Barbie computer is her old one. She's mastered almost all of the things there so we got her the Vtec which has more stuff in it.
The last 2 pics are of the 'pumpkin bread' I baked yesterday for dinner...of course she had to take the before and after.
There ya go....I'll be posting some more later on. When she becomes a famous photog [hopefully not a paparazzi], you can say that you were one of the "few" who saw her first 'creations'...LOL.


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