Jessica Simpson....Tony Romo's [Un]lucky Charm?

That's what's in the news today anyway. Imagine after a string of winning games, they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles [with a standing of 6- 8] last night with the score of 10-6. This makes their standing at 10-2. Still not bad but it would have been nice to win this game. And when did they lose? Just when the blond girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, of their quarterback Tony Romo came to watch the game. How is that for a lucky...rather 'unlucky' charm? Look at them wearing the same shirt in the "he and she versions". This is the picture that's published in site. According to the news I've read so far in both Yahoo and People, Romo was just not in his elements during the game as reflected with his lowest quaterback rating of 22.2...which is his career lowest. Maybe Jessica should stick to watching his man at home so as not to be called as Tony Romo's bad luck.
I don't really watch football but I like being up to date with it because my husband watches it all the time during the season. I know some bits and pieces of the team standings and performances. This season though, I am rooting for the Green Pay Packers. Why? Because of their quarteback Brett Favre. This is probably his last season so I just want him to go out with a bang. Well, he's actually going out in style if he's indeed retiring because he is now the holder of a lot of records already....but a Superbowl wouldn't hurt either, would it? Here he is in action during the game yesterday where they beat the Rams. Now they have homegame advantage for the play off....hep, hep...HURRAY!!!

Photos courtesy of and Yahoo News respectively.


RyanHoover said…
Players play with their girlfriends and wives in attendance ALL the time. Her being there didn't affect Romo's performance in any way, he just had a bad game. When did sports journalists become paparazzi and start covering crap like this?

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