Little Christmas Tree...

I thought I'd try to take a picture of our little christmas tree at night. It just looks prettier at night when all the other lights are off. So after the the little one went to bed, I turned off all the lights and took a snap of our tree. Well, thanks much to the flash of my camera, the picture I took looks just like the others I took with all the lights on. Oh well...just the same I'm posting it here just because. As you can see, we now have a few boxes under the tree...and that's what they are...BOXES...empty. Our little girl and yours truly actually wrapped those together. Of course the endless questions like: When will the real gifts get here? Or where will these empty boxes be once the real ones are here? Arrghh...she's even bugging me to let her play with the box because they're not real anyway...haha!


""rarejonRez"" said…
empty boxes? hehehe... kami naman, even empty boxes- nothing! hahaha!

ingat! sa tampa ba ang sa inyo Jul?
Juliana said…
litte x-mas tree but nice :D

If you have time, visit my blog and leave comments, jul ^.^
Unknown said…
oopppsss...nakapag shopping ka na rin pala ng regalo sis...ang galing..hehe..

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