Lockers Anyone?

Having worked in a school setting for almost 20 years, I have seen first hand how important school lockers are to the school, the students and the teachers. In the school where I first taught, the students had their own lockers in the classroom and that helped a lot in keeping their stuff – books, personal items – off the classroom floors. For me, it was a lifesaver because I didn’t [still don’t actually] like teaching while their belongings were scattered all over the place.

In the next school I worked for, those big metal lockers were used. These lockers were found along the hallway of the school. Students passed by their lockers in between periods to either pick up stuff they need for the next class or deposit books that they don’t need anymore. Again, these lockers are very useful simply because students have places to put the things they don’t need in each class…that meant lesser unwanted stuff around the classroom.

One of the things I really liked in the second school I worked for was their gym. Aside from being spacious, they have all the things that the students needed down to the locker benches. The first school I worked for didn’t have those in their gym so everything that needed to be done in the gym was done in our classroom. Even their PE uniforms were stocked up in their classroom lockers instead of the gym lockers.

Schools nowadays choose different kinds of lockers that they use for the students. One school I know of choose the plastic lockers for their pre-schoolers for safety. While some high schools go for durability and choose the steel lockers. But these lockers are not only useful in schools because my husband bought some steel lockers which he uses at his shop. So now I'm actually thinking of getting some for our new house. I'm not just sure what kind and what size because I'm still waiting to see which kind and what size will look good in our new house.


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