Mailboxes Galore....

When I decided to pursue my masters degree in Education, I had to quit my full time teaching job. To continue making money while going to school, I decided to become a freelance tutor where I had to go to my students’ houses to do the tutoring. The areas I covered are gated communities so they had big fancy houses. One of the first things I see is n the residences are the mailboxes. Some are located right in front of their manicured lawn while some are attached on the wall by the front door and some are attached on the gate. It seemed like the mailboxes they chose for their houses is some kind of a statement…something like of a representation of themselves.

Now that we are about to have a new house, I really don’t like to use the generic mailboxes that we see around here in our area now. I am looking at some residential mailboxes that will look just right in the neighborhood that we are moving in. Here are a couple of the ones we’re looking at right now.

Aside from moving into a new neighborhood, my husband’s business location would also move near to where our new house will be. Right now they are just renting a small place and they don’t really have a mailbox so the mailman hand them the mails personally. But once everything is settled in, he’s planning in getting a bigger space which means their new place will need a new mailbox, a secured one. So while we’re looking at some residential mailboxes, he’s also looking into different commercial mailboxes. Good thing there is a place like Mailbox Ixchange we can actually choose what we want. They have a wide variety of both residential and commercial mailboxes, affordable mailboxes at that. So now we don't have to worry about mailboxes anymore because I think we found what we're looking for.


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