Money Transfer thru Xoom....

I just had the my first inquiry about the money transfer service I posted here on my blog...XOOM Money Transfer. So I thought I'd post some information here based on my personal experience with them.

I have been using them, more or less, 6 years already. I think I found them thru some Philippine newspaper online so I gave them a try. After that first transaction, I never use another service but them whenever I send money to the Philippines.

The money you send can either be direct deposited to the recipient's bank account, or they can pick up the money at designated places but my favorite is the door-to-door delivery. Personally, I use Paypal but you can use your credit card if you wish to do so. I do everything online and I think they have one of the cheapest service fee around. You can track the progress of the delivery online as well. They have a very fast delivery as long as the information you provide them is accurate. On the FAQ in their website, it's stated that the maximum day for the delivery to be completed is 4 days but in my experience, the longest it took was 2 days.

If you wish to check their services, just click on the banner I have on the right side of this blog. ----->>>

By the way, they don't only do money transfer in the Philippines. They also offer services in other countries.


Merydith said…
Hulog ka talaga ng langit Juliana. Ang ginaw na kasi and it is a pain whenever I take Frankie to the Filipino store. Tapos 10.00 yong fee nila. Ang mahal din yong bang sa online. Ang liit lang ng pinadala ko 20.00 na yong na charge. Ouch so I thought ok na yon kay sa lalabas pa kami. Paypal then ang gamit ko debit card nga kaya I asked kong ok lang ang cc. Salamat talaga. Will try them anytime soon.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you Pinay, I just started to use and I love it.
reprep said…
Hello po. I just received the news that Xoom no longer accepts Paypal withdrawals and this is a bit of a problem for me. With the coming Holy Week, it might take more than 7 days before the money reflects on my Unionbank with normal withdrawal. I just wanna ask, pwede po ba i-send ko sa paypal nyo ang pera and then send the money to me through Xoom? I'm willing to pay you as much as $10 for this one. I hope you could help. My email is Thanks.

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